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Download Okru videos in a few clicks. Okru Downloader is an easy to use tool that lets you download videos in just a few seconds.

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You do not need an account or any installed software, which can help you download videos from Okru easily.


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How to Download Okru Videos Online?

How to use OKru Video Downloader and enjoy your favorite content offline, fast, easy and free! Just follow three steps to download online videos.

Copy Link
Copy the Okru Video URL Link

Search for the video you’d like to download from Okru, then copy the URL.

Paste Link
Paste your Okru URL

Go to Okru Video Downloader, and paste the Video link into the input field. Then click the Download button.

Download Now
Download and save your File

We will display all available formats for download. Select each one you want to download and save it in MP4 or Image format to your device.

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Okru Video Downloader

Okru is a video sharing site that lets you upload your videos to the site and share them with friends. The only problem is, you can only watch those videos on Okru, which means you have to click the “Play” button in order to view it. What if there was an easy way to download any of your favorite videos so you could watch them whenever and wherever? Well, you’ve come to the right place!